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"Melissa and Aaron, as well as everyone at the firm, have made us feel as good as can be expected about what we knew was a bad situation.  We are now almost past the final stage and I wanted everyone to know that even people who have a financially sound business and people who are responsible about their personal and business finances, can have troubles during these times, as we did and that this Law Group helped me and my wife feel OKAY about what we had to do.  Thank you Melissa, and thank You Aaron and thank you everyone at the law firm. I highly recommend anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation as I know these folks can help them too."

-V. King


"Dear Melissa. My Wife and I want to thank you for all your hard work on our behalf in the filing of our bankruptcy. We so appreciate you being in court with us. We were a little terrified not knowing what to expect and then to see the other bankruptcy cases continued for lack of information provided by other attorneys, but you always had everything in order. The actual act of having to file bankruptcy and going to court was intimidating and embarrassing to say the least but you treated us like real people with no judgment from you. That alone meant the world to my wife and I. Were not bad people, just two in the countless millions in the same boat who now have the chance to start again."

-The Copelands


"I wanted to thank your firm, Mary and Mr. Otto for their preparedness and professionalism. It was clear from watching the Trustee dealing with all the clients from your firm that you and your firm are well-respected in the industry. The Trustee had all the documents he needed, which tells me how thorough your firm was in preparing for this meeting. Mary was great at calming our nerves and making the whole process easy- it was really no big deal, as she said. The sense of relief we felt knowing that we would be free of these debts, and the confidence of knowing we were so well represented, was enormous. And we truly appreciate the responsiveness of you and your staff to our many questions and concerns about the process. We will absolutely recommend your firm to anyone we know."

-Shahana P.

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